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Video Friday: Peter Diamandis on Abundance 360 and Exponential Technologies (2014)

This Draw Shop video, originally created for entrepreneurs in Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 coaching program, illustrates the powerful implications of six key technologies: 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, the “Internet of Things,” infinite computing and synthetic biology.

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In his paper on the technological Singularity, Vernor Vinge outlined several pathways that could lead to superhuman intelligence. The one which gets talked about most often is the ‘AI scenario: We create superhuman artificial intelligence (AI) in computers’. In fact, this pathway is referred to so often, it has become synonymous with the Technological Singularity in the minds of a lot of people. This seems a pity, as there are other ways in which the Singularity could be brought about and we aught to be aware of these alternative routes to superintelligence.

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Consumption-Embedded Microdonations: A Solution to the Media Sector’s Biz Model Problems?

It’s a dilemma. Information really DOES want to be free on the Net. But, content creators also need to get paid! What’s the solution? It’s pretty simple, I think: Embed the making of micro-donations to content creators, directly into the media consumption experience….

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Quo Vadis, Internet User?

The term telepresence has often been used to describe one of the largest benefits of instant media. In the earlier parts of the 20th century, long distance communication was remarkable enough, but the multi-medial character of the internet has brought about the ability to project ourselves instantly into other people’s lives in an even more remarkable way.

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The Power of Transhumanist Meditation

The core belief of transhumanism is that human beings can be biologically and physically improved through radical technologies. Transhumanist meditation means that human intelligence could be augmented by technology either through amplification or through connectivity, allowing humans to transcend physical limits.

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Cliff Joslyn on the Global Brain

The universal forces of evolution have acted on organisms to create e.g. metazoan multicelluarity and its attendant specialization of cells, tissues, and organs. Similarly, human social roles are differentiated, and there are many specialized human “organs”.

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Videos from Singularity Summit 2011 Now Online

24 talks from the recent Singularity Summit conference in New York City are online at the SingularitySummits YouTube channel. Topics include robotics, economics, technology, artificial intelligence, and more.

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Propaganda 2.0 and the rise of ‘narrative networks’

DARPA, the Pentagon’s advanced concepts think-tank, is looking to take propaganda to the next level and they’re hoping to do so by controlling the very way their targets perceive and interpret the flow of incoming information. The Pentagon believes that by engaging in ‘narrative control’ they can alter an individual’s grasp on reality and the way in which they evaluate current events. Simply put, DARPA is looking to shape minds with stories.