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Defeat Any Chatbot in a Turing Test with ASCII Art

Simply stated, we know the Turing Test can be easily defeated and is an inadequate test of human level intelligence. Although academics will continue the debate, I hope to share with you here how an ancient and arcane art, ASCII art to be precise, shows how Turing’s idea was not sufficient to capture the full range of human level intelligence.

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Event: Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century, IEEE Conference Boston June 24-26 2014

The Norbert Wiener conference is coming up in Boston late June 24-26. Norbert Wiener was the father of cybernetics, and this event should be very relevant to transhumanists.

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Halloween+ — The Shelley-Godwin Archives Launch, Frankenstein and Transhumanism

If you haven’t read Mary Shelley’s transhumanist horror fiction Frankenstein, today is the day to do it!

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Between Chimp-Pig and Superman

We humans share a lot of DNA with chimps and other primates, so there’s no real doubt we reside fairly close to these other creatures on the evolutionary tree. But yet, there are some major gaps in the standard story of how primates transitioned into humans. I’ve recently become aware of a novel, eerily compelling, hypothesis that – if accepted – would appear to fill these gaps quite nicely.

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Trofim Lysenko, Soviet Ideology, and Pseudo-Science

Trofim Lysenko was born of a peasant family from the Ukraine in 1898. He attended the Kiev Agricultural Institute and was trained as an agronomist. In 1927 he studied the effects of low temperatures on crop plant growth and development, and claimed that this treatment (called “vernalization”) increased crop yields and became an inherited trait in the treated plants.