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V.N. Anisimov: Russian Optimist on Longevity

Last March, I wrote a column entitled Reality Check, featuring the work of Stephen Spindler. Spindler is a veteran researcher at UCRiverside, and perhaps the world’s foremost expert in the design and execution of longevity studies in mice. But Steve is a glass-half-empty kind of guy. And ever since I wrote that column, I’ve been thinking that I need to write about Spindler’s opposite number in Russia: Vladimir Anisimov is a veteran gerontologist at the Petrov Institute in St Petersburg, who has also been testing longevity potions on mice through a long career. Anisimov is a glass-half-full kind of guy. His best contribution to anti-aging medicine may be epithalamin, a treatment that has been hiding in plain sight for over thirty years.

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Pacemakers Without Batteries — Coming Soon

My father-in-law had a cardiac pacemaker implanted when he was in his mid-80s. He had it replaced after about 5 years because the battery failed. This is a common occurrence and even though pacemakers have become smaller, the battery represents the single component in the form factor that restricts them from becoming really tiny while at the same time requires them to be replaced periodically.

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The three-day fast: Day Four

Last week, an article about the cell biology of fasting made headlines in the science news press. Valter Longo cites evidence that a 3-day fast can rejuvenate our immune systems, with broad anti-aging benefits. 4 or 5 days may be better yet.

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Cholesterol, Part II

Mea culpa. Almost three weeks ago I promised to do a little reading and report back on what to believe about cholesterol and heart disease. It was hubris to imagine that I would be able to untangle the thicket of conflicting claims with a short course of study. Today, my goals are far more modest, and I offer my scaled-back conclusions. Here, I offer a tentative analysis, which I hope will prompt people more knowledgable than I to refine and correct the message.

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Suspended Animation is About to Become a Reality

In the 1984 film 2010: The Year We Make Contact, an American crew are kept in suspended animation on a Soviet ship enroute to Jupiter to find out what happened to the American Discovery spacecraft. Upon reaching Jupiter the Americans are awakened from cryogenic pods to carry out their mission.

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What physical or mental enhancements are possible through gene therapy ?

Advances in genetics now permit to edit one’s genome relatively easily. Gene therapy is now used exclusively to fix diseases, but could soon be used by transhumanists for genetic enhancement, such as augmenting one’s mental faculties or improving one’s physical appearance. What exactly can we modify and what are the risks involved ?

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MILE LIfe Extension Video Contest

Let us imagine that the world becomes convinced that indefinite life extension is desirable and that achieving it is feasible. The people aren’t sure how they can help though. A reporter turns to you and asks you to speak into the camera and tell the people what they can do to help the cause move forward. What do you tell them?

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Gizmos & Gadgets: GaitTrack App on Smartphone Assesses User’s Health

Our smartphones are quickly turning into medical devices through applications that monitor our wellness.