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Pacemakers Without Batteries — Coming Soon

My father-in-law had a cardiac pacemaker implanted when he was in his mid-80s. He had it replaced after about 5 years because the battery failed. This is a common occurrence and even though pacemakers have become smaller, the battery represents the single component in the form factor that restricts them from becoming really tiny while at the same time requires them to be replaced periodically.

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The Post-Productive Economy

Take a look at these farm houses which I saw under construction in remote areas of Yunnan province China. They were not unusual; farmsteads this size were everywhere in rural China. Note the scale of these massive buildings.

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Abundance at the Bottom: Algae Based Nutritional Supplement and Sustainable Bio-Fuel Production

While these technologies have been utilized for decades on a stand-alone basis, we will be the first to integrate them together so that the byproducts of each process become key inputs for the next. The total system is able to provide entire communities with ultra-clean burning ethanol cooking fuel, renewable electricity for area clinics, schools, shops/businesses and homes, high-protein animal feed, organic fertilizer, algae-derived biodiesel, clean drinking water, and managerial, skilled & unskilled employment opportunities.

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Post-Scarcity & Management of Resources: A Debate of Possibilities and Challenges

All conflict arises from scarcity but scarcity won’t last forever, therefore it’s wrong to base our actions on temporary conflict. We need to look wisely at the future and act accordingly. When everyone is aware of inevitable Post-Scarcity, we can all direct our efforts towards accelerating its arrival.

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Cold Fusion in 2012

I remember being thrilled, back in the 1980s, to read about Fleischmann and Pons’ results regarding apparent cold fusion in a palladium-deuterium-heavy water system. Their work attracted wide media attention; and then, when their results proved difficult to replicate reliably, this also received wide attention, and resulted in the whole concept of cold fusion being dismissed as bunk by the bulk of the scientific community.