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What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

In a recent article over at the ironically named “Evolution News”, an intelligent design blog, ID advocate and frequent critic of transhumanism Wesley J. Smith gets nearly everything wrong.

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Tesla

July 10th is a note-worthy day. It is far too often that great men pass on never to be remembered again, and very few people in the history of mankind have had the good fortune of leaving both an indelible mark on world society, as well as ensuring that the changes they’ve made are forever associated with their names. Nikola Tesla is one such man, and even though the whole scope of his contributions still may not be apparent, there are certainly many good reasons to remember him.

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You’re Too Cool for Glasses

You forgot you had to work this morning. You’re too hungover to even pretend to care about the early meeting, and glasses don’t seem to have helped your trainer. He’s just reading his PowerPoint slides like he always has. At least now you know he’ll actually see the exasperated look you’re giving him.

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Becoming Ourselves

People are seeking to become cyborgs whether through fashion, medical improvement, or any of the areas in between. As more and more people enhance themselves we notice that humanity is becoming something greater than we ever thought possible. We are evolving into a new species.

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John Galt is Homeless

Selfishness used to be a virtue. It was a way to advance ourselves in capitalist society. We were supposed to put ourselves before other people and this was supposed to be the gateway to success. Yet this was not the way of the future and many of us were in for quite a surprise.

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My Hostility Towards the Concept of Friendly-AI

“Involuntary friendliness” is censorship of consciousness akin to removing all the unfriendly words from the dictionary, making it impossible to express unfriendly ideas, which is a premise of language control proposed in the book “1984″.