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What Would “Cyborg” Mean If The Word Were Invented Today?

I brought most of my most important tools, namely my exo-voice and backup parts, my computers, and my 3d printer, and set them all up on the desk that was already there. throughout the week I was able to continue my project iteration unabated;20131001_002912 these tools WERE my lab. they were part of me as I exist now.

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What physical or mental enhancements are possible through gene therapy ?

Advances in genetics now permit to edit one’s genome relatively easily. Gene therapy is now used exclusively to fix diseases, but could soon be used by transhumanists for genetic enhancement, such as augmenting one’s mental faculties or improving one’s physical appearance. What exactly can we modify and what are the risks involved ?

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Video Friday: tune in to the CyberSalon

CyberSalon based in London, UK offers monthly events bringing together artists, hackers, activists, entrepreneurs & academics around networked culture. Check out these fantastic and recently uploaded videos from their February 27th event.

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Improved Visual Cognition through Stroboscopic Training

Stroboscopic training led to significantly greater re-test improvement in central visual field motion sensitivity and transient attention abilities.