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Proposal: Dynamic Brain Switching As a Method to Maintain Consciousness During Mind Uploading

Immortality has been a humanitarian dream since dawn of human history. Among all of the proposed methods for immortality, Biological Approaches to immortality (NBI) are argued to be more fruitful. However, mind uploading as the typical method for NBI has been challenged both from technical and philosophical aspects. This article is an attempt to address some of these challenges by emphasizing the role of consciousness and its continuum during a mind transfer process. Based on this assumption, it is claimed that current methods for mind uploading need to be reformed. The “Dynamic Brain Switch” (DBS) is proposed as a method that can meet some of the challenges of mind uploading using the concept of consciousness continuity for mind uploading.

BioTrove Podcast: “Whole Brain Emulation”,  Host Liz Parish interviews Randal Koene, Carbon Copies 3

BioTrove Podcast: “Whole Brain Emulation”, Host Liz Parish interviews Randal Koene, Carbon Copies

Special thanks to Alex Vollmer for his best effort to fix a sound problem that nearly ruined this podcast. The sound quality loss is outweighed by the fascinating quality of the conversation! In this podcast guest  Randal A. Koene, Ph.D. neuroscientist, neuro-engineer and co-founder  of Carboncopies discusses Whole Brain Emulation. You will...

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Mind uploading won’t lead to immortality

Uploading the content of one’s mind, including one’s personality, memories and emotions, into a computer may one day be possible, but it won’t transfer our biological consciousness and won’t make us immortal.


Enter the World of the Surrogates

Ever since I was a kid I have been interested in an episode of Batman The Animated series, in which a fight scene takes place between a robotic version of Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, called a “duplicant”, basically a robot that duplicates a human.

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AAAS Science Translational Medicine Live Chat: Controlling Machines With Our Minds

Bioengineers, Todd Coleman of the University of California, San Diego, and José del R. Millán of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, discuss the latest in neurotechnology and what’s next for this field.

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The Swiss Army Brain: Sensory Extensibility as Native Function

There is no such thing as a ‘phantom limb’. On the face of it, that’s obvious – a phantom limb is no longer present and, therefore, does not exist. That is not what I mean. I mean that the ‘phantom’ in the phrase is itself the phantom. To understand this, look at it the other way around: we don’t say that a person with a limb over which she has no control has a ‘phantom brain map’ for that inoperative limb.