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Simple Questions/ Challenging Answers

Is the product of a cloned cow, cloned milk? Or real milk? Is the offspring of a cloned cow and a “natural” bull, a half-clone? And then when they mix again, as cows and bulls of all persuasions are apt to do, do we get quarter-clones? Three-quarter clones?

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PETA Wants Meat!

The animal rights group is offering a $1 million prize for “the first person to come up with a method to produce commercially viable quantities of in vitro meat at competitive prices by 2012.”

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Post-Darwinian Hedonic Engineering

PEARCE: In maybe three or four decades or so, we’ll be choosing such traits as the average hedonic set point of our children. Over time, I think allelic combinations [suites of variant copies of mission-critical genes] that leave their bearers predisposed to unpleasant states of consciousness — unpleasant states that were genetically adaptive in our ancestral environment — will b...

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Manipulating Evolution

H+: I might spend the whole day thinking about politics, economics — thinking about solutions to knotty human problems — and then I start thinking that a lot of this is hardwired. Maybe nothing really good is going to happen unless we change our wiring. Unless we actually technically evolve. Is that part of the intrigue with biotechnology?

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