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Brain On a Chip

Are we humans... we might be able to imprint the circuitry of the human brain using transistors on a silicon chip?

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Wolfram|Alpha: Searching for Truth

And now, in 2009, a new kind of browser search engine called Wolfram|Alpha is about to appear.  The other day I talked to Stephen on the phone for about two hours, and he demonstrated some of Wolfram|Alpha’s powers via a web-conferencing hook-up.

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The Global Financial Crisis

One of the many interesting aspects of the current global financial crisis is the role that AI and advanced computer software has played in it. It’s worth asking a few questions about exactly what this role has been — and what it suggests for the future.

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The Future of Machine Intelligence

In early March 2009, 100 intellectual adventurers journeyed from various corners of Europe, Asia, America and Australasia to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Arlington Virginia, to take part in the Second Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, AGI-09: a conference aimed explicitly at the grand goal of the AI field, the creation of thinking machines with general intelligence at the human level and...

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Open Source Robotics Looks Better Than Ever

Where’s C3PO when we need him? Compared to many other aspects of advanced technology -- even compared to AI software technology, which isn’t exactly zooming along -- humanoid robotics seems to be advancing at a snail’s pace.

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