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  • implant

    The Story of Us

    Welcome little one. We’ve been waiting for you. Today and every day is a celebration of our lives together! But imagine how cruel, lonely, and unfair archaic human existence was before Us. Before The Connection.
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  • Ritalin

    Do Cognitive Enhancing Drugs Actually Work?

    Are all these students wasting their time? Let’s see.
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  • Justice-Digital-Age

    Justice Beyond Privacy

    As the old social bonds unravel, how can we balance free expression against security?
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  • super-pedigree

    Future Ancestry Research — Are We Already Living in an Advanced Family History Simulation?

    Are we already living in an advanced family history simulation? If we run many family history simulations, we probably already live in one.
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  • Daqri smart helmet

    Blue Collar AR — Augmented Reality Gets to Work with the Daqri Smart Helmet

    The All-Purpose Power Tool: DAQRI Smart Helmet makes a boy’s dream come true.
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  • Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9.49.35 AM

    The Sensorium: A Multimodal Neurofeedback Environment

    The Sensorium is a neurofeedback environment that allows people to experience signals from their non-perceptible body processes visually and auditorily. Various (neuro-)physiological rhythms and frequencies are projected simultaneously as soundscapes and “lightscapes” into the environment. A wireless physiological amplifier device sends signals such as EEG and ECG to a computer for real-time processing using the modified brain-computer interface software “Thought Translation Device” (TTD). The TTD performs signal filtering, parametric orchestral sonification, and light control. In a pilot study, 20 participants have been exposed to their ongoing brain and heart signals while sitting inside the Sensorium, a small room equipped with a speaker and lighting system. Almost all of them reported an increase in contentment, relaxation, happiness, and inner harmony. They also reported a widening in their body consciousness. In future, therapeutic paradigms will be developed and the treatment effects on people with psychosomatic diseases will be evaluated.
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