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Memristors and Nanowires

Check out this excellent short video about neuromorphic processing using silver nanowires and memristor technology.

The human brain is neurologically advanced and exploits connectivity that is controlled by electrical and chemical signals. My research will create nanowire networks that have the potential to mimic aspects of the neurological functions of the human brain, which may revolutionize the performance of current day computers.   It could be truly ground-breaking.” – Dr. John Boland

HT Philippe Van Nedervelde

Want to learn more?

MoNETA: A Mind Made from Memristors

Andy Thomas, ‘Memristor-based neural networks’, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,, released online on 5 February 2013, published in print on 6 March 2013.



Syntheses of Silver Nanowires in Liquid Phase

HP’s planned commercial memristor product has been delayed.