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Peter Rothman
February 22, 2013

The organizers of the 19th IAA Humans in Space Conference will organize a program that focuses on basic major questions and challenges and will try to attract respective specialists, regardless of whether they are from the space research community or not.  The main theme of the symposium will be "Linking the challenges of space exploration with medicine on Earth."

Space life sciences research has resulted in numerous advances in biosciences and especially our understanding of human physiology.  The organizers of IAA HiS think it is  time to end the artificial separation between space and terrestrial life sciences and to focus on those questions of life sciences for which space experiments can give answers. Operational space medicine questions will remain as major research questions in the future.

The conference offers stimulating interdisciplinary discussions focused on major life sciences questions that can be answered with the help of space research. This conference will  also involve the topic of future joint funding approaches.

End of abstract submission is February 28,  2013.

See http://www.his2013.com/default_frs.asp?node=17

HT Jordi Sandalinas


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