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2013 Call for articles

Dear H+ Magazine Readers:

We’re looking for science based articles about the future, fact based speculation, and anything interesting related to the goals of Humanity+, Transhumanism, etc. We looking for original technical and philosophical articles, reviews of transhumanism or related books, articles, media, etc. whether produced by man or machine.

If you are doing something real and H+ related and you want to tell the world about it consider writing an article. Our readers have interests and expertise across a wide range of technical and non-technical fields and they want to learn about what you are doing.

Coming soon we will have a few weekly columnists covering transhumanist topics. Do you have an idea for a column? Send in a proposal!

Join our growing band of visual curators!

Visual curators present transhumanist related links and articles in an interesting visual format.

Coming soon: data chewy data.

Submit all article, story, curation or column proposals to

Warm Regards,

Peter Rothman, Editor, H+ Magazine