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Hashem AL-ghaili
January 28, 2013

Science Summary of The Week

➤ Four-stranded DNA: http://is.gd/glfUsj
➤ DNA Digital Storage: http://is.gd/ATRsfn
➤ Life on Mars: http://is.gd/ZoHTs1
➤ Kidney From Stem Cells: http://is.gd/GGXKCB
➤ Tractor Beam: http://is.gd/MBAiya
➤ Bendable Batteries: http://is.gd/KvbA4s
➤ Self-healing Wires: http://is.gd/Z65SNJ
➤ Asteroid-mining: http://is.gd/sZTngH

Humanity+ “Today in Science” is created by the fantastic visual  science curator Hashem AL-ghaili.

Stop by his Facebook page and say thank you if you like what he does!


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