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Must Read: Criminalizing Cognitive Enhancement at the Blackjack Table


Is it illegal to use cognitive enhancements in Nevada when playing blackjack? The answer is that it depends on the type of enhancement. Chemical enhancements are generally legal to use however any electronic, computational  or communications based enhancement is almost certainly illegal.

Criminalizing Cognitive Enhancement at the Blackjack Table by Adam J. Kolber of the Brooklyn Law School examines the issues.  This paper is a must read for all Transhumanists and others interested in social and legal implications of individual cognitive enhancement.

“if you use a device to help you count cards (or even if you merely possess such a device with the intent to use it) at a Nevada casino, you can be imprisoned for as long as 6 years for a first offense (Nev. Rev. Stat. §465.088, 2010). Somehow using a device to augment our abilities to remember and to calculate turns a perfectly legal activity into an offense with a very serious penalty. ”