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Simone Syed
November 13, 2012

Simone Syed is crowdsourcing the topic for her talk at Humanity+ San Francisco.

The exact nature of the content to be delivered will be chosen by crowdsourcing public opinion- please tweet your favorite topics from the list below to @simonesyed.

Voting ends on November 25th.


A study in the failure points that have culminated in the great divides between popular culture, true science, and visions of the future. Potential topics to be addressed are the following:

• Being A ‘Visionary’ is Not a Good Defense;

• Pivoting the idea of ‘Science Communication’;

• Your Community Might Be Your Enemy (#justsayin’);

• The Value of Understanding Humans;

• Social Media is Not Your Friend… Yet;

• Face:palm Hollywood;

• The Scientific Experience vs. Experiencing Science;

• Agenda Pushing = Missed Opportunities;

• When moving to Mars seems like Your Only Option- It Might Actually be a Good One;

• Cultivating Delicious Young Brains;

• The Ego and the Greater Good;

• The Future is Real and So Should You;

• Actions Speak Louder Than The Written Word;

• When a Good Future gets Lost in the Peanut Gallery;

• Cult Followings are The New Black;

• Your Non-Profit is Destroying the Future; and

• How to make ‘All your Future are Belong to Us’ into a Totally Legit Enterprise.


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