Monthly Archive: April 2012

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Humanity+ @Melbourne May 5-6 2012

Ben Goertzel interviews Adam Ford about the upcoming Humanity+ @Melbourne (May 5-6 2012), which will feature Aubrey de Grey, Natasha Vita-More, Stelarc and many more inspiring speakers.

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Terence McKenna Omnibus Explores Cosmic Issues

Schwann Cybershaman, an h+ magazine writer and filmmaker, has been compiling a video series of lectures by the late Terence McKenna, the psychedelic philosopher and proto-transhumanist. Whether or not you agree with McKenna’s specific views, his breadth of knowledge and the boldness of theorizing will have you thinking about life, the universe, and everything in novel ways.

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Digital Resurrection: The Facts, The Fiction and The Required Data

The idea of mind uploading is an idea that many transhumanists believe will one day become a possibility. It’s an intriguing notion, being able to cast off the shackles of our earthly ties and transcend into another, purely digital form.

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Transhumanism and the Human Expansion into Space: a Conflict with Physics

I have long had misgivings about large aggregations of computing nodes forming a mind because of speed-of-light delays. That will reduce “thinking speed,” since a mind cannot “be of one mind” if much it is not aware of the current situation due to speed-of-light delays.

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Our Solar System, Our Galaxy, then the Universe

We live on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy has 200‐400 billion stars spread out across 100,000‐120,000 light years. We are on the edge, where stars are far apart. If we can get from here to the nearest one, then we can star‐hop throughout the entire galaxy.