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Top 5 Transhumanist Pet Peeves

1. I hate it when people call us “trannies.” Whoa, like so original.

2. I hate it when people refer to our deceased friends who are in cryonic suspension as “corpsicles.” Okay, first off, most of them are really just “headsicles.” So there.

3. I hate it when people use the word “robot” as a pejorative term… “They want to be robots.” “They want to be ruled over by robots.” “They want to have sex with robots.” Yeah? So?

4. I hate it when people think the word “nano” has something to do with Robin Williams.

5. I hate it when people call the Singularity “the rapture for nerds.” Okay number one, we’re GEEKS, not nerds. And number two, it’s not a rapture, it’s…something else, all right? Shut up.

Phil Bowermaster blogs at the Speculist and is one of the hosts of FastForward Radio

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