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A new publisher for H+ Magazine

The design, launch, and initial management of a new magazine, as with any startup, is the most exciting, but also the most risky period in the life of the project. When H+ Magazine was born, its publisher, Betterhumans,Inc., did a great job creating great design and content — and brought together a community around it.

After an initial period, the magazine has been donated to Humanity+.  We are very grateful for this. With the efforts of R.U. Sirius, who stays on as Editor, we hope to be able to continue attracting curious readers who want to learn about technology, society, the evolution of the human condition, and all the exciting topics that we will cover in the future.

We are looking forward to finding new ways to engage our readers. We look forward to delivering content in modern, interactive ways, and  — together with our donors, sponsors, and advertisers — to creating a magazine that is sustainable for the long term!

Publisher, H+ Magazine


  1. Happy Rebirthday to us!

  2. Well, the first issue of H+ Magazine was published by Humanity+, then WTA.

    H+ Magazine is back home!

    I was on the WTA Board at the time, and I am very proud to see my signature on the last page of the first issue. H+ Magazine is an important voice in the transhumanist community, and I am sure the editorial team will continue the good work done so far.

  3. Meredith and I are thrilled to hear that H+ is up and running again. The magazine personifies an important perspective that is vital for anyone interested on longevity to hear and understand.

    The fact that the information is presented in such a creative, attention-getting way is all the more to your credit.

    We wish you eternal success!

  4. Sing a song of love, sing a song of peace! Sing a song of happehness!

  5. Does this mean that we can expect a print version with the extremely awesome graphic design that characterized your previous issues? Or at least a PDF version?

  6. About time! *giggle* Looking forward to more great articles and interesting news from H+

    H+ magazine serves a valuable need as a starting point for non-transhumanists to learn about transhuman thought and concepts. It presents that data in a clear, easy to understand way, using humor, light conversational tones, and a real feeling that you’re being told about these amazing things by a friend you feel relaxed enough with to comment and add your own views to the conversation, keeping the dialog going. It’s Friendly Transhumanism, and every bit as needed as Friendly AI.

  7. I was missing all the great content!! Glad to hear the good news…

  8. Fantastic news that the magazine is going to be back up and running. The H+ community can only grow from here.

    I do get a little confused with all the organisations though. I thought H+ and Humanity+ were the same. Perhaps someone could catalogue a list of them :S

  9. HPlus has a great focus and content. I can’t wait to see it fully operational again.

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