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Archives March 2010 - Page 3 of 4 - h+ Media

Nanochips injected into cells

Endgadget reports that a team centered in Spain at Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona has succeeded in inserting nanoscale "3µm chips into living cells."

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Soon I will be rich. Two trends: social networking and the death of privacy. I’m cashing in on the confluence. Why should only celebrities be publicly humiliated?

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Kurzweil on Avatar

How often do you get a movie review from Ray Kurzweil?  In our interview with Ray a few months back, I asked him about his impression of science fiction films and TV shows.

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The Unselfish Molecule

Selfish or altruistic? Where does it all start? Which side are you on, boy (girl, other)? Stand back, Mr. Dawkins?

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