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Archives February 2010 - Page 2 of 4 - h+ Media

Project Offset Creates Graphical Magic

There aren’t very many games today that, graphically, give one goose bumps. While movies like James Cameron’s Avatar or Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings have graphical effects that appear absolutely real, many wonder if games will ever achieve that level of detail.

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Virtualization: From Virtual to Reality Part 3

If you read the last section of this three part essay, you will recall I discussed how the VR revolution is likely to occur, and ended up with the statement that VR will likely open the door for the benefits of the technologies of Genetics, Nanotechnology, and Robotics.

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Scrapheap Transhumanism

I’m sort of inured to pain by this point. Anesthetic is illegal for people like me, so we learn to live without it; I’ve made scalpel incisions in my hands, pushed five-millimeter diameter needles through my skin, and once used a vegetable knife to carve a cavity into the tip of my index finger.

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Is Hyperlongevity Immoral?

Over at Reason, Ronald Bailey tells us about a pair of philosophic treatises on the ethics of hyperlongevity.

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