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Archives January 2010 - h+ Media

The BCI X PRIZE: This Time It’s Inner Space

Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites recently rolled out SpaceShipTwo, a commercial passenger spaceship designed after the winning ship that captured the $10M Ansari X PRIZE for spaceflight in 2004.

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Extraterrestrial Ethics

“At the core of NASA's future space exploration is a return to the moon, where we will build a sustainable long term human presence” (NASA website, 2009)

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Emotional Weather Report

What is your emotional IQ (EIQ)? Emotional Intelligence — a concept made popular by psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman — is based on years of research by numerous scientists including Peter Salovey, John Meyer, Howard Gardner, Robert Sternberg, and Jack Block.

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How Cyber War is Heating Up

In January 2010, a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army brought down China’s biggest search engine:

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Why DIY Bio?

One of the ideas I champion is that DNA is a programming language for living things. By stringing DNA bases together in different ways, one gets different organisms. With one sequence, a bacterium is the result. With another, a butterfly.

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DIY Bio: A Growing Movement Takes on Aging

A movement is growing quietly, steadily, and with great speed. In basements, attics, garages, and living rooms, amateurs and professionals alike are moving steadily towards disparate though unified goals.

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