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Archives September 2009 - Page 3 of 9 - h+ Media

YOU Are the Doll

Battlestar Galactica, with its dark meditations on prophecy, war and Cylon identity, is the shining recent example, but seemingly cornier fare can also provide candy-coated conundrums that bear rumination, and that almost sneak up on you with their significance.

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How Can You Be In Two Places At Once

Quantum Creatures... I want to believe! This New Scientist article starts off: "Quantum weirdness could soon invade the living world, if a scheme to give a flu virus a strange double life comes off." They are trying to get the virus to be in two places at once.

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Abandon Normal Devices! (Festival of New Cinema and Digital Culture)

Pretty cool name for a festival, no? Well, it's happening in Liverpool, England from September 23 - 27. h+ friend and contributor Natasha Vita-More will be speaking on human enhancement. Filmmakers Ken Russell and Nicolas Roeg (one of my personal favorites) will also be interviewed (I suggest you hang out by the bar, if you want to meet them) and, for you tricksters, the Yes Men will be holding a ...

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THE END OF THE BEGINNING: Biotech Enters A New Phase

This past May, I joined some 14,000 of my closest friends at the international biotechnology conference, BIO 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia. The gossip started immediately: What happened to the other 6,000 of us that came last year? Is biotech in trouble?

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Open Source Medicine as the Next Insanely Great Thing

Part of the reason that many people read h+ and other radical technology publications is to get ideas about how to live longer. People tend to become like those they are around, so it makes sense if you want to live to 150, you want to help your friends live longer.

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DARPA Funds Nano-UAV Hummingbird

For years, engineers have been working on making smaller and smaller UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). DARPA (Defense Research Advanced Projects Agency) has been taking the lead for years, and is now pushing the envelope by providing a second round of funding for the development of nano-UAVs, unmanned flyers with a mass of just 10 grams, approximately equivalent to two nickels.

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Cool Machine For Your Organs is Not Cold

TransMedics, Inc. in Andover, Mass. has come up with the Organ Care System, an ingenious solution to the specter of medical staffers looking like they’re going to a frat party while carrying vital organs in a hospital cooler.

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Andy Droid: Your Sex Doll Has Arrived

Real Doll just doesn’t cut it anymore. You look to the future: innovation, the next stage of evolution and you shouldn’t leave your sex life behind you on the path to posthumanity.

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