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Kristi Scott
September 16, 2009

Andy DroidReal Doll just doesn’t cut it anymore. You look to the future: innovation, the next stage of evolution and you shouldn’t leave your sex life behind you on the path to posthumanity. Let me introduce you to a new friend, who you can play with in your own personal fantasy playground. Her name is Andy, created by First Androids in Germany. Andy can hold multiple sex positions, be ordered to simulate breathing, perform oral sex acts, have a pulse, be equipped with a g-spot that responds to orgasm, and much, much more. The list of possibilities is impressive. Linny, one of the other dolls, has the most realistic fake areolas I have ever seen, and I’ve seen my fair share. What First Androids has created is not just a sex doll, but an innovative sexual experience straight from the pages of science fiction which you can order and play with alone or with a friend.






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    This is the revolation... This will open a new age LOL. :) Its amazing what technology can do..

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