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Nano Foam Condom For Women

Nano Foam Spray Condom

A Chinese company called Blue Cross Bio-Medical is offering a foam condom made with silver "nanotech" particles. The female spray-on condom comes in a can with a plastic applicator. After the foam spray is squirted into the vagina it forms a physical membrane preventing conception and protecting against infection. The spray uses polyvinyl alcohol resin as its base material, infused with nano-silver, providing both a spermicide and antiseptic lubricant that helps prevents sexually transmitted diseases.

The "nano-silver" condom is part of a growing list of consumer products built with so-called nanotech components. Some of these include wrinkle-free sheets, clothing, detergents, cosmetic products, toothpastes, air and water purification machines, water sealants, and electronics parts. While nanotechnology (generally defined as dealing with structures 100 nanometers or smaller) was little more than a twinkle in Richard Feynman’s eye fifty years ago, products like the nano-foam condom show that nanotech is becoming increasingly relevant to industrial manufacturing, and consequentially our lives — even in places as seemingly low tech as the bedroom.




    When the man using
    As contraceptive the woman
    Become mad and crazy… this duo to the semen of
    Man is remaining In the CONDOMS
    And it was not ejaculated and dropping in
    Vagina of women there is not sweet taste for
    Sex meeting .
    Like that you are drinking tea or coffee with out
    Sugar the coffee or tea is not sweet it is bitter.

    Of man is like Sugar it make the coitus and
    Sex meeting sweet to woman
    The sex meeting
    Sweet With out
    When man is not Using
    In sex meeting with woman the
    Semen of man will Ejaculated and dropping and
    Falling in vagina of Woman then the semen is
    Absorbed by vagina wall and inter the blood
    Circulation and reached the brain
    Then the women mind become in a convenience
    Mood and good feeling she is not be a Madden Or Crazy woman



    To good enjoy and pleasure in your sexual live
    And good ERECTION of your CLITORIS i give
    You this ADVICE


    Practice reading and writing
    Because practice reading and writing
    Loosening and lowering the SEXUAL ability and power of you.
    GO TO LIVE IN Villages and forestry far from cities and towns
    Practice READING and WRITING make you unusual
    Woman or SADOMITE (SODOMY) women..

  2. what in the world is the person before me on? move to villages? enter the bloodstream and reach the brain? are you serious? this person is insane!

  3. This comment appears a few times as a post by pshelaspee22 on several sites. A few of these sites are in Arabic, so it’s possible that this comment is meant to be incendiary. It seems that bored college students have nothing better to do with their time than to post irrelevant comments on the internet.

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