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Video Friday: Markerless Tracking for Virtual Reality

The many cameras are used to remove occlusion and generate a 3D representation of the person’s full body without the need for markers, equipment or any special garments. It’s an entirely unencumbered full body VR-chamber that can be used to dynamically control avatars, create 3D models, and more. Add a wireless head mounted display and you have a simple “holodeck” system. Hmm, we might have room for one over by the shed.

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Magnet Implants I: Armstrong As Icarus

This article was started with the intent to inform regarding Neodymium Implants, which can provide a person with the ability to sense the electromagnetic domain. On the surface, this seems a rather straightforward pursuit, but in the attempt to answer the most important question regarding these implants, the question why, I realized that they are far more than a novel new form of jewelry.


Direct Brain to Brain Communication Between Animals and Humans

Now imagine this, we’re on our way to transcending the language barrier, with the Brain Computer Interface, for human to human communication, where direct and immediate interpretation or translation will be possible with the appropriate software. Imagine, if you can start understanding, what your dog, your cat or your hamster is thinking? And then now think, if we figure a way, to relay our thoughts or intended messages, to your pets or other animals, in a way, they can understand? Going to the zoo will become a very different experience from what it is today.